Media and Press

Selected Media and Press

  • Runners World Interview. New Research Indicates pre-Marathon Travel Could Increase Risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis. 4/10/2011
  • Daily News Egypt Interview. Flying to the marathon. 1/6/11
  • Reuters Health News Interview. Air travel may help explain blood clots in marathoners. 3/1/2012
  • World News Health Article. Air travel may help explain clots in marathoners. 1/3/12
  • Outside Magazine Interview. Will flying after racing give me a blood clot? 8/5/13
  • Medwire News Article. Endurance sport plus long-distance travel may increase thrombosis risk. 2/26/12
  • Canadian Running Interview. Air travel may be linked to blood clots. 1/13
  • New York Times Interview. What running can do to the heart. 3/12/14
  • Fox News Health Interview. Air travel may help explain blood clots in athletes. 11/20/14
  • Runners World Article. Avoiding blood clots while flying. 7/21/15
  • Lower Extremity Review Article. Compression and clots in athletes who travel. 1/16
  • Naturally@UConn Blog Interview. NASA funds blood clot risk studies. 12/12/17
  • AARP Health Interview. Should you wear compression socks when you fly? 12/12/18
  • Cardiology Today Interview. Exercise should be emphasized in patients with dyslipidemia. 5/17/19
  • The Sports Medicine Institute at UW Medicine Blog Article. Does Birth Control Raise Blood Clot Risk After a Marathon? 9/26/19
  • American College of Sports Medicine Brown Bag Series in Science. Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs: Mortality, Mind and Muscle. 10/2019